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Struggling With Anxiety and Learning to “Embrace Your Quirks”

I’ve begun to recognize a few of my panic attack triggers; large crowds, travelling, or something as simple as stopping for gas. I can’t always predict what will bring on what can only be described as a total internal freakout. However, I’m beginning to understand and identify these reactions. I suffer from anxiety. There, I said it. It happens to me and it’s okay. My anxiety, and my attitude, and my personality makes me who I am. I embrace the quirks, I embrace the struggle.

Anxiety has always been an persistent issue for me, even though I’m only understanding its effects now. Now, I don’t know why I was ever keeping my emotional problems a secret. Ironically, the anxiety prevented me from discussing my anxiety with family, friends, and especially my doctor for the longest time. I learned that it’s important to be open about your mental, physical, and emotional conflicts especially with people who matter to you.

anxiety mental health embrace your quirks

Don’t Take Your Emotional Health For Granted

The struggle IS real. Mental disorders are not fake diseases. There is nothing weak about being plagued by a mental illness. Anxiety itself is a totally valid emotional reaction to the demanding modern world in which we live. Throughout my college campus, anxiety and other mental disorders ran rampant due to an insane workload. And yet, we treated this real disease like a natural part of the college experience, simply an excuse for not working hard enough.

Anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other mental disorders are an honest reality for many. We don’t get the credit we deserve. I’ve learned to embrace the anxiety. It’s a part of me and my personality, and although it sometimes makes me crazy, it’s also a part of the over-analytical way I perceive the world. I struggle to get by sometimes and I’m okay with it! Don’t be afraid to talk about your personal obstacles  We’re learning everyday to overcome. We all are.

Your Unique Mental Self Makes You Awesome

Do not fear being labelled if you suffer from a mental health disorder. A disease keeps you from functioning normally in everyday life. We should no longer be ashamed for taking a mental health day. Don’t be embarrassed to admit when you’re not feeling right. If you had strep throat, you wouldn’t be embarrassed to tell your doctor or teachers or bosses, would you? Define the disease, but don’t let it define you.

In this moving video, Lady Gaga reveals her key to happiness after almost quitting music. She struggled with anxiety and depression, and then she rocked the 2017 Superbowl Pepsi Half Time show and performed with Metallica on the Grammy’s a week later. In this 2015 video, Lady Gaga spoke at Yale University’s inaugural “Emotion Revolution” summit and discussed her own battles with anxiety and depression, but more importantly, how she overcame. Mother Monster, the wild, one-of-a-kind Countess of modern pop, had to teach herself to say “no” sometimes. She began doing what she wanted to do instead of what everyone else wanted her to do. Lady Gaga made the conscious decision to #embraceyourquirks and be honest about her mental and emotional health needs.

Worry About Yourself, Instead of Literally Everything Else

Do not fear being open about your struggle with anxiety, ADHD, depression, insomnia, bipolarity, etc. Lift the stigma on mental disorders and medication. Stop hiding from the public eye when your take your prescription medicine. Don’t be afraid to let your friends and families know when you need a mental break…or when you’re having a mental breakdown. Everyone who loves you will always be there to support you. Be honest with yourself and I promise this whole journey will be a whole lot easier.

I want to use this blog to call myself a “freak” with love and pride. In reality, there’s nothing wrong with who you are. It’s 2017, being a freak is right on trend. Being a freak, who’s obsessed with combat boots, who watches soap operas, who has eczema and asthma, who whatever…these are the elements that make you so interesting. Embrace the quirks. People love you for the individual you are.

Much Love,

Gabrielle Lang, Health Freak Chic


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